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2024 - becoming

What did 2023 bring, you ask? For me it was quite a year, both professionally and personally.

The most important: that people now know of me in my area. They know who I am, what I can do to help and how I work. That brings me a lot of new clients and I'm very happy to help and see so many different souls around me. SO, thank you all!

It has also made me even more secure that my chosen path is the right one, that the steps I'm doing now will be in the direction of great things achievable in my future - and I'm very exited to see what the year will bring, work-wise!!

From February I've got my own room in my little village and I'm so exited!! Welcome to you all! Check here to see which classes are available

I'm happy to work with yoga and looking forward to this coming year...... but I also have to remember that my life isn't just work!

In Denmark we have discussions in society that the younger generation want to work less, spend time - and quality time - with their loved ones, 4 days-week. Uproar, this discussion has created! Seeing as the society is build on an understanding that we all contribute, paying high taxes of the pay we have (more money - more taxes) to ensure that schools, education, libraries ad such are free and that you can have your teeth fixed until you're 18..... that the one who has, pays - so everybody have a chance in life today! That you have a chance in life and education and later in work, even if the social standing of your parents wasn't good........ sounds brilliant, doesn't it?

But are we made for that? I mean, working so much! Is it natural to have a 60+ hours week, never see your children and always being available?

I do believe that when you work - and it doesn't matter what you do - then you can actually work too much! It was put into perspective by my loving hubby when I noted that I really worked a lot and had almost no evenings at home the last 4 months: "Work! HA! All you do is lying on the floor, listening to plinky-plonk music, telling others what to do! Do you call that work???" and then he continued, ranting on about the office, clients, houses and everything he does in his area of work.

And I laughed and laughed.... at first. And then I realized that, YES that is work!

I have to sort payments, billing, social media. I prepare, clean my room, mats, blocks, making sure that it's inviting and calms people to come to my classes.

I do take the responsibility of 8-15 people, all of their ailments, pains and potentials because I have to make sure they don't overdo it. I make them relax and finding their breath to calm down - maybe some come directly after work, maybe some have had an altercation just before, it's my responsibility to make them accessible for the yoga we're doing.

I have an eye on all - Julia who has bad knees, Karsten who had lower back problems, Emma who just wants to do everything right and tending to overdo it!! If there's an asana they can't do, I adapt it so they all will have the benefit of it! My brain is on for 90 minutes, concentrating on others.

Then I have accounting and notes on what I've earned, where I've been and every bill for things acquired for my business to do at least once a year. I send it off to my very capable accountant to make sure everything is on board and right. I don't know how much time I use just for this one task - just pulling myself to the computer to do it costs hours!!

The last 4 months I had 10 classes a week. That's 900 minutes in class. I've driven about 1000 kilometers, arriving early and leaving late. That's hours more than I've counted. I've been out of my house 4 evenings a week, not being with my family (yes, I know - choice!!) I have to prepare my classes; the Vinyasa group and the Chair yoga group doesn't do the same sequence, of course! Time I haven't counted! On top of these I also have some private clients, for classes one-on-on, or for yoga and Nadi therapy to help their bodies recover. Every client is around 90-120 minutes with preparation and actual work, and again not counted.

That is also why I need to do a yoga class for myself every week - my own private practice where I'm the student! Because when I'm the teacher I can't do the yoga for me!!

But yes. It is my work - and I work hard! And I know it's not moving furniture, or managing an office, or running around delivering stuff....... but I work just as hard as you, and I'm allowed to say that!

I also have days where I don't want to work! I have days where I think "Oh, my GOD!!! I really don't want to leave my couch......." - the good thing is that when I'm there, rolling out my mat, connecting with my people, I'm so happy that I'm working with my hobby, and I actually feel as if I make a difference. And maybe that is what makes my day easier?

So I need to find time to do things FOR ME. Not work related. Things I enjoy to do with friends or my family - where I'm not thinking about how to earn money!

So I've got a resolution for 2024. I want to work less, but earn more money! I want to work with how to appreciate myself more! How to understand that my own work is valuable! And this insight I'm sharing now is just the beginning!

I've decided to become more appreciative towards myself, more mild and round if you will!! And hence my new logo! Lovingly made to fit me perfectly - loud and "in your face", curvy and loving! What do you think??

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