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Hello my name's Fleur

and I'm a yoga therapist and teacher based in Germany. This November I'm traveling to Draycott, Derby and I'm very exited to be collaborating with Elephant Rooms to do a yoga therapeutic workshop. 

I'm an independant teacher with around 2000 hours of qualifications behind me, schooled in Germany, Switzerland and India - and now I'm connecting all my knowledge into doing yoga with people who don't think they can do yoga! An amazing job!

- wan't to know more??

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What is yoga therapy?

Yoke - to combine body, breath and movement. To get a new and more attentive view on your being with everything you are;  heart patient, arthritis stricken, problems with knees or lower back, menopausal, overweight..... when you have ongoing themes in your body a lot of your given energy is locked into just "keeping up" with daily life - self-preservation - and there's a risk you'll feel tired and overwhelmed faster than others. I'll teach you easy ways to find calm, to use your body as it's supposed to be!

Yoga as therapy is looking at each body, potentials and working areas, and making a class that works for YOU! Making downward dog accessible for you, even if you have problems with wrists or just plain power in upper body. Finding alternatives for you and learning small tips and tricks for how to do small yoga-inspired exercises in everyday life. Always with the focus:  "Where am I? And what would I like to move towards?

Are you an experienced yogi/yogini?? maybe you need inspiration for your own practice or classes?.... or are you a yoga virgin?? Maybe you haven't trusted yourself to do yoga until now, just waiting for the right class? With me you're all very welcome!

Saturday 9th of November    9am-13pm  

Elephant Rooms.
South St.
Derby. DE72 3PP

WhatsApp +49 (0)1604824552

price 49£

Elephant Herd
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