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My Indian palm leaf

Some years ago I was watching a programme on English television about Indian culture, traveling and cooking, and I saw a small segment about something called "palm leaf-readings". I found it intersting - but must've forgotten about it again as Life happened and I was busy.

As you may know, if you've read any other blogs of mine, I travelled to India first time in 2016 - and since I fell in love with the complexity, the beauty, the history and spirituality of this enormous country almost 6000 miles away from my home in Europe. I have visited India on more occasions for certifications, learning and diving completely into another world, and I am currently planning for yet another trip in October '25; this time I'll combine learning new things and showing this beautiful country to others. I'm very exited!

As my interest online also contained more and more searches on India, the culture, yoga, spirituality I must've hit a line in the search engines...... and an advertisment for kept on popping up. It felt as if an old friend was walking towards me in the mist - I wasn't sure if it really was him, but the closer he got the more my heart skipped! That's how it felt! And I started researching more about the tradition, what it was and what it could do and how it could help me in my life further down the line.

Now, I've had good and very bad experiences with astrologers all over the world..... the worst being the - supposedly - best astrologer in my home country; she drew up my chart for 500€ and when it didn't fit at all, and when I contacted her about it, her answer was " (...) if it doesn't fit it is because it's for your shadow!" I reported her to the organisation (no luck, unfortunately!) but nothing could be done.... after that I could've stopped trusting! But no. Instead it made me research even more!

It took me about a year to research the traditions of Vedic astrology, and found it extremely exiting to know that it could be a possibility that my palm leaf existed!

They say that 2000-3000 years ago there were many sages of India, the Maharishis, that were beings so pure, that they had and had attained such a high level of consciousness that it was possible to see through time and space, and therefore could see the future lives of millions of people. To preserve these visions for eternity they wrote them on dried Palm Leaves for each person’s life that they had seen. Hence the name "Palm Leaf Reading" or Vedic astrology.

I was intrigued. WHAT IF I had such a leaf about the span of my life? What if my love for India came from before I know? Where I would learn what I had to clear in my path, my karma, my ancestral lineage? Many that was why I felt so connected to the country and the ways?

I sent the request to find my palm leaf in September, giving myself a birthday present I would love, and the reply was that they would start searching the library.

You provide a thumbprint, pay 100$, which will be returned if no leaf is found - and then you wait. I waited for so long I quite forgot it! And then started the year travelling to India!

I landed in Thiruvananthapuram when I went to do my certificates - the the central palm leaf library is located there, I found out!! - and a few days after arriving there, I got an e-mail confirming that there was found 2 bundles that could be mine! While spending 2 months in India I tried getting access to the libraries, but alas, without luck!

So I waited and in March I had a video conference with a sage (here sitting on the right) and a translator, and I also had the help from a 3rd person - she was based in South Africa and just a very lovely person!

They start with browsing the bundles to find out where my leaf is. You do not say your name. They don't know where you're from, they are only reading aloud, translating and concentrating on finding the leaf that is yours! They ask questions and you can answer "yes", "no" or "unsure", and slowly the answers become more and more confirming. It was really exiting when the questions became "yes", I felt my heart in my ears, beating loud and hard.

"You have no siblings. You have no children. This is your second marriage. Your husband's name is.... and the name of your ex husband is...... You are born in September. You work with therapy, helping others (...) Madam - we have found your bundle!"

The more they spoke and read, the more I calmed down. I felt as if I'd tapped into something deep in my being - an old truth or something - I felt safe and at home in!

Normally I want to know everything! EVERYTHING - I wouldn't be scared to know things that would seem uncomfortable to some; sickness, traumas, death. But this time I felt calm, as if as if old stuff in me started loosening, my own private Gordian knot, starting to move and leaving me with more love, energy and trust towards the world and myself!

I knew that this was the opportunity to find healing from my past, my traumas, and not just for me but also for my entire lineage!

I was told which deities I could ask for help, which poojas (ceremonies) I could do to help energy move again, when and how it would be beneficial to cleanse, pray, fast... every step I could do to help myself through this world. Yes.... I felt as if I got a manual for the rest of my life!

I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to have my palm leaf read! That I had so many beautiful people to help my navigate my last 30 years in this world; I had answers to questions that hadn't fully emerged in my head, and I now have understanding, compassion and gratefulness towards everything I didn't understand until now! Because of this experience I now finally understand WHY it had to be this way!

I bow down to all that made this possible for me!


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