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The Full Story


I'm 180 centimeters tall. I'm curvaceous. Loud. Weird. Not serious. I can't balance if my life depended on it. I'm about as flexible as a garden gate. I would find blue marks on my body I had no idea from were they'd come.  On top of that I love beer and meat, and I love to ride a motorcycle .... so no, my path was not to become a teacher at all!

And still, in 2016 I decided to reboot my life and do something completely different as to what I'd done before and I signed up for a month with intensive yoga teachings, tests, asana praxis, breath work, certification as a teacher - and no meat at all for 30 days!

The first three weeks I kept on saying to my teacher, Yogi SIvadas from Dharamsala, that I didn't need the certificate as I wasn't to teach. In the last week he came to me and said "But Fleur - some people are teachers - and you are a teacher, so you'll do your certificate!"

After doing the certificate I held on to it, but didn't teach anybody - still doubting my yogic path.

During the summer of 2017 I started doing yoga at Disibodenberg - where Hildegard of Bingen lived for the most part of her life - and I drove there very week, did yoga, either only for me or with people who had found out I did it, and I connected very strongly with Hildegard and her way and her words. 

In 2017 I decided to step on to the yogic path for real, working as a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist - and my heart is full!



My mission is to show you that yoga is not complicated or take too much time. You decide yourself how much yoga you need - and I trust that when you've chosen this path you'll keep on walking it, as your body will find balance and you'll find more inner calm.

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I do firmly believe if you give your body time it can heal from almost anything! You can use yoga as a tool, both physically and emotionally. 

I don't want to be a guru that you'' need by your side" at all times - I want you to realize that

YOU yourself ARE the guru! 

You can, with awareness and simple movements, keep your body and mind in balance, and thereby do something good for yourself every day. 

Because you are, You Beautiful Being, astonishing in your Existence! 

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