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The Bacon Balance

Nothing beats a bacon butty after a 7 hour ride my motorcycle! - at Ace Cafe, London

As you can see I have chosen to eat meat. I do believe that meat is necessary for me, being of Viking blood and heritage! And to be honest; sometimes, NOTHING beats a really good burger, a nice piece of rare steak or battered fish 'n chips - as I realised when my husband and I rode around England and Scotland on our bikes this summer.

Yes, I do feel different when I eat meat - heavier, slower, but also filled in another way than when I eat salads. And that is ok! I try to tune into my body to find out WHAT it actually needs at different times; for instance when I have my period I tend to eat meat every day - and when I'm in a busy daily routine I like to eat salad to feel lighter. Yes, I try to eat healthily, ecological and grown in our region so I don't stress the surroundings too much.

When I started my yogic way I ate meat or fish every day, salad was just something you ate with your meat. But slowly I got into eating more salad, because I felt my practice deepen. I do firmly believe that people find their own way in this! Some people become vegans, pescatarians or even only eat raw food so they don't hurt Planet Earth inappropriately. I bow down to people who can take that decision and live by it! I think we all should be free to choose our own way.

With that being say I do believe that we have to find a balance - I like to call it "The Bacon Balance" - between the two sides! We need to do everything to find our center.

For me that is to eat bacon from time to time - and ENJOY IT when I do, and to make sure that my daily life choices are healthy and well-balanced. I understand that when people think of yogis and yoginis they can have this prejudice that they are skinny, vegan, whispery voiced, bendy, holy and does yoga all day long..... but the truth is that we are alsol Bacon Balanced yogis and yoginis that eat an occational burger and drink beer.

Does it make either one of these better than the other? No. But it makes a difference for me - that I know that I can eat bacon whenever I really have a craving, I feel how my body reacts and after that it'll be a while before I do it again; remembering I don't like the heaviness I get in my body after eating meat. It makes me understand other people when they have cravings. I understand how they feel in their bodies and I can relate to it and speak directly to this impression.

For me it also means that I know I relate better to a person that is well-rounded (not overweight!, but has tried different things) I tend to doubt people that seem to preach which lifestyle is the best, that being meat or no meat, vegans, vegetarians, skinny or fat..... I tend to find ressonance quicker when the person in front of me seems genuine, well-rounded!

That's why I have heard myself say many times: "I love bacon! A good, rare steak and chips with mayo, downed with a smooth dark beer!...... but I also love to eat a nicely prepared and simple tomato/mozzarella salad with special olive oil, freshly goundsalt and pepper...... everything has its time!"

Psoas stretch at Dover while waiting in line.

I tend to have eaten 2 hrs before my late morning classes because I know that I don't like the feeling of heaviness. If I do a late night class I don't eat after because I like the feeling of energy rush in my entire body after a session. But if I have a weekend off, THEN I treat myself if I want to, make it a feast! I mean - there's no reason why I can't have it all! Bacon AND salad!

For me everything develops in the eye of the storm and the balance created there; bacon AND salad - motorcycle AND yoga - noise AND calmness. I develop! I become a better person!

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