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"Why do I need to do a retreat? Or is it a workshop? ..... maybe just call it a long weekend?"

No matter what its called, I have found myself in the situation that I really need - and want - to give people a safe space to be, share (or not) and calm down with yoga and meditation as frame. In German I've called it AusFindenZeit - I've connected the 2 words Auszeit (small break) and Ausfinden (find out... or in...); time and space for you to find back to yourself, who you are, what you want out of life.

I've had so much benefit from doing smaller retreats - either alone in Abbey St. Hildegard in Rüdesheim or with friends around Europe. Silent retreats, yoga retreats, painting workshops, detox weekends...... I've tried and done a lot.

So now I courageously engage myself to a new path in my life - by being the one who creates the space for you to reengage with your being!

The plan for the day will be the same every day - we humans benefit from routine;

quiet time and morning tea

7-9: Guten Morgen Yoga & meditation (slow flow)


time for you - diary, walks in the beautiful nature surrounding us, reading, sleeping

There will be an option to have a private class from me if wanted and needed!


"Austausch" (conversations, philosophy, thoughts & ideas) You share - if you want to - as you then find you're often not alone in your self-development

My body - my yoga (asana practice for you!)


20-22: yin yoga & meditation

Arrival is possible from Thursday at 15 - departure after breakfast Sunday.

The schedule is - except from morning and evening practice - "liquid"! You as participant have a say, as I want you take part in making this weekend amazing!!

It's 7th- 10th of December 2023 - it will be in , a wonderful and magic place situated on the Luxembourg border.

The workshop will be in German

"OMG - why do you write this in English, then??!"

Well, my German is rather unhinged (Wadehadeduda Deutsch!) and even worse in writing, so I'll spare you the torture of that!

I do also speak Danish, French and English, and the group will be small and intimate, so if you want to come, please feel free!

The price for the weekend is 200€, book your room separately at the Neumühle. I'm looking for ward to seeing you there!

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