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"Don't fight it! It's stronger than you!"

Being Danish means that you at all times are surrounded by water; at any given time you can choose to travel to the seaside as from anywhere in Denmark you only have around 40 miles before you hit the sea.

In Danish schools it’s obligatory to have swimming lessons, something I’ve always been very proud of - I think it’s a brilliant idea to teach children how to behave around water so it doesn’t come as a surprise when you actually goes to the seaside for a nice swim. When I worked in an international environment I realized this is not the case for many children - or adults!

The most dangerous body at the seaside is the rip current. The rip current is a powerful, channelled current of water moving from one place to another - but it isn’t always you see it on the surface. It’s the most frequent reason for the lifeguards along the Danish seaside to initiate elaborate sea rescues. It’s a standing saying that “it must be a tourist!!….” The Danes know that the sea is a treacherous being and must be approached with respect.

“If you get taken, don’t panic!! Hold your breath and go limb, then you’ll move faster to the surface!” I was told. “If you fight it you’ll risk using all of your power and energy just to stay afloat, fighting against this immense power! But there’s nothing you can do, it’s much stronger than you - so it’s a fight you won’t win!”

Suddenly this sentence popped up in my consciousness; at first very faint, as when you have this feeing someone is following you but you only have a short glimpse in the corner of your eye, and then it just grew stronger and stronger….. “don’t fight it, it’s stronger than you! You’ll lose!”

The last almost year of this new weird day and age where Mother Earth is recovering from a severe illness I’ve also not felt up to my best; I’ve gone deeper - as written in another blog - in my own healing, my own traumas and issues. I won’t lie, it’s been f@cking hard work! A year long self development retreat you couldn’t escape from, a constant string of reminiscing. And not always the nice type of memories, but also doubts, hitting yourself over the head and just going through all the times in your life where you’ve done wrong because you want to see where you could’ve done better!

The sea metaphor describes it so well; I’ve used so much energy trying to keep my head over the waters, trying to cope with lock down, anxiety towards this new scare and how to deal with that - and how to deal with the anxiety itself! The panic of the prospect of losing business, thinking about how to make money, to make sure that my clients don’t forget me. Yes, I’ve fought so hard and I feel the tiredness of my body - muscles, thoughts and soul - fill my entire being now.

“Don’t fight it, it’s stronger than you! You’ll lose!”

I let go. I lean back and let the waves of uncertainty take me and I close my eyes and let go!

First thing’s first, my yoga business. I’ve gone into hibernation! I’ve let my clients know that I’ll be back when…. yeah, when I’m ready! I’ve found a part time job that suits me to a tee; no responsibilities, just put products away the right place on the shelves and help customers if they need it! I can keep my head down and just “get on with things” On top of that I make a little money. All good!

Our state in Germany is in lock down because of our rising numbers of virus infected - that means no travel to my home country this Christmas, no family gatherings, no exchanging gifts and getting to know about their lives - and for New Years no celebration at all! So, we’ll celebrate low key, essential, “back to basics” in our little family; husband, wife, 2 cats.

Now I have the possibility to find out what kind of Christmas I want - and how we, husband and I, want to celebrate, decorate and begin new traditions.

Of course I feel overwhelmed! It seems as if this situation is dragging out and we can't wait to "get back to normality!" Wondering how long it's going to take before we can "get on with life!"

Well, I think I like this new normal. The time for you, the attention, the cutting down on social activities, noice and imprints from everything you have to relate to! It can teach you, this situation!! To let go! To trust. Remember, that even if it feels as if you're drowning, you're just moving though the rip current to a better place..... the time perspective you have is much different than the eternal span in the of life Mother Earth - and right now She is recovering from a virus! So, give Her time and tuck Her in on the sofa and wait patiently for the fever to go down. She will be on her feet again soon.

And please remember - Her "soon" is maybe further away than your "soon"!

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