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Not everything is roses.....

Preparing for yoga classes

"But it must be different for you, having your own business?", I am often asked... when we have met family over the holidays. Again this year I heard myself explaining that as self employed not every day is full of unicorns and roses!

Today I had my first class in a week. I have had a great time over this Christmas, eating and drinking too much and NOT doing any yoga at all. I just relaxed and forgot time - ate chocolates for breakfast and beer before afternoon had started.

So my eyes were very small this morning, having to get up while my husband could stay in bed. My body was sore and stiff, unflexible and cold. Yes - it was hard work getting up and on in my daily yoga routine!

And no, it isn't different for me - I also have bad days where I don't have the stamina to do what I have to. I also have days where I really don't want to teach - and still I pack everything and get ready; because I know that when I am IN it, my class, meeting my yogis and yoginis I am happy. My body knows exactly what is good and how to move to loosen up and leave the stiffness and problem areas flexible again.

When I have a hangover - from alcohol or too much food (often meat!) my body hurts just as much as yours, and subsequently I feel just as you, not wanting to move!

What is the difference then? For me the difference is that my body KNOWS that it's good to teach and do the yoga, and I just need to GET ON with stuff! When I am there, everthing is good again. The Ego - who is the one you hear in the back of your mind going "Naaaaaa....... just stay here on the sofa - you can do it tomorrow!" - I try to not give the time of day! I KNOW that I will feel better, both physically and emotionally when I act on first basic feeling ("Oh, yes! Yoga!") and get on teaching my classes.

Yoga teachers also have really bad days and sore bodies, muscles and joints.... of course as we're only humans!!

...but when you're over the first hurdle of just getting up, you KNOW that it will be good to do and teach again!! - and THAT is the difference! When i teach I love my job, know I am doing good for me and others - and I get a high from that! Maybe that's the difference from the job I did before and the job I do now!?

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