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Distributing essential oil to enhance attention.

I love this picture. It was taken in Luxembourg before a class. I am giving the client an explanation on the oil I have dripped into her hands, how it affects the energetic body and why I use this specific oil. It captures the resonance between us; her hand is in mine, I show her how to put it on, it seems as if we're sharing a secret. Seeing as I am using my intuition and feel for the clients in my classes this ritual will make the connection between us even stronger!

I am a very annoying student in all classes..... as a former teacher I have high expectations and I know exactly what I want. When I have found a teacher or a therapist (doesn't matter what kind - language, yoga, roller skating...) I have visited A LOT of varying classes, met different people and directions and often also just booked a session o see if it is somebody I like, trust, respect and can have fun with!

For me it is very important to have a good feeling when you work with people. I need resonance! When I am a student I am vulnerable and in new territory and I need to feel safe in the new environment.

I am also a person, a yoga teacher and therapist who uses this in my daily life. If I do not feel there is a resonance - or if they continuously ignore the advice I give them - I do believe the client should be given the respect of being told that the treatment they have with me will not be worth the money used on it. They waste their money, their time and also my time and maybe it would be best not to book another appointment.

We are a lot of yoga teachers in the world, we cover all kinds of yoga styles and directions (beer yoga, goat yoga, power yoga, Harry Potter yoga) and we try to find a niche where we can work with our passion and attract people from the other teachers that also give classes in the town where you provide yoga too.

I think this is great! In this time where we can get EVERYTHING we want, we can actually go out and find something that fits us..... but I also think we forget that we as individuals have something no other has; Your Self. Your attitude and way of doing yoga, your accent and type of humour, your thoughts and insights, your compassion and history. Because the yoga that a teacher does is individual at all times. And exactly the way that you do yoga will attract your tribe, your people, the ones who need it.

Male Yogi

It is in this resonance you will attract your yogis and yoginis, with them you will make an impact and a difference, they will use your tricks and adapt them to fit their lives. Then you are truly an Yogi or Yogini and it does not matter from with direction or school you come from. If you're skinny or big, man or woman, biker or nun......

Curvy Yogini

You become a person who helps others to unite body and mind, to find calmness in their bodies and maybe the courage to do the opposite of what they usually do!!

I do not have big classes and there is a reason for that; I don't feel as if I can see everything I need to if I have more than 20 students in my class. I've heard of teachers that make a lot of money, have 60+ in their huge classes that they have to do in halls because there is no space. I would love to be so popular that I had so many people...... but I wouldn't be able to do my job! And what is my job? It is to make yoga available to people who normally don't do yoga; curvy people, people with chronic pains, older or sick people, post op, cancer or Parkinson's. I do believe that yoga makes everything better!

And no, all people do not like you or the way you do things, or maybe even your way of teaching. That's ok. If people don't want to come back to class I don't feel bad or hurt, it won't make things akward between us. It is just how it is! I do trust that the people that chooses to attend my classes and workshops will come back if they feel as if I am an appropriate teacher for them.

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