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All is balance

Good and evil. Beauty and Beast. Light and darkness. Masculine and feminine. Day and night. Yin and Yang. We all have both sides in us - it is necessary for us as to be able to exist. The darkness is making the light more clear, the light is put into persepctive.

It's always difficult to acknowledge the darker, egoistic perspectives of life, and it can have the effect that you use all your energy to suppress these sides of you. Energy you could've used more wisely.

I have learned that what you fear is attracted - so in reality you actually attract what you DO NOT want. And if you only could learn to stop the next time before fleeing..... maybe you'll see that the lion you are running from is nothing more than an overenthusiastic kitten whose boulderous movements are making it appear bigger?

I've never been a fan of yin and yang, the symbolism and the explanations around it. I never really understood why we need darkness inside us, or war in the world, and have pretended that I was never angry or hateful or raging about something. I am now persistently working with the parts of me I am not too proud of. I want to be a complete human and I need to see the whole picture of me.

In this self-reflective work I have realised that directly between the two opposing polarities - in the balance of dark-light, stillness-movement, life-death - there is a space created. In this space there is no understanding of time or person, just pure existence! In this existence I have found space for daring to see and thereby understanding of my darker sides, my fears and anxieties, and now I have a broader accept of myself, a more loving approach, if you will.

At a point I slowly realised - slowly as in "........ Ahhhhhh...... ok... NOW I think I can see a smaller part of the bigger picture, if I squint my eyes and pretend I don't wanna understand it......" - that in this space, in the eye of the hurricane, I had an enormous understanding, accept and love towards myself! That is something I've never felt before! And I still forget it from time to other, but now I know it and I can navigate back when I need it!

I have realised I am a complexe person made of opposites. Good and evil, dark and light, laughter and tears. Now I embrace it, my ability to be in both polarities as I do believe that people will be attracted by it.

I am Yogini Manisha, initiated in 2016 by Yogi Sivadas from Kailash school of yoga & holistic healing, Dharamsala.

I do yoga, teach and do therapy with yoga and breath as an anchor point. I try to live in a yogic way, eating healthily, not drinking, less meat, water and herbal tea.

I try to be truthful and not hurtful in speech and actions, show love and compassion towards my fellow beings. I am a yogini.

First trip on my Tiger.

But I am also The Stigette, a biker woman married to an Englishman called "The Stig" in our club. I love to ride fast on my Triumph Tiger 900, experience nature with all my senses, drinking bad coffee at gas stations on the motorway, going on longer tours, filling up with meat and beer after a long day on the bike and having pains all over after a trip. I like to listen to "road music" in my headset, shout at ignorant drivers not behaving. Oh yes! I am a biker.

But can these two sides be combined in one person? Can yoga and biking "live happily ever after"? Can the feminine energy of meditation and breath be combined with the pushiness of the masculine movement and power?

This is my next venture; I want to see if I can combine the two parts, yoga and biking.

I am planning a trip, a pilgrimage from Saarland to Sylt, around 1000 kilometres. I'll stop every 250-300 km, offering a free yoga session of Moving Meditation for a bed to sleep in and breakfast before leaving next morning.

I'll stop in Bonn, Osnabrück, Hamburg and List, Sylt. I want to share my thoughts and insights I get from this trip with fellow yogis.

So - now comes the question; do you know anybody in the cities mentioned above? If yes, then please share this blog post with people in that area, as to help me find interested people who can help me connect to a yoga teacher or a studio on my way? I will write about it and the studio or teacher here on my blog, and I'll be doing a "Reise Tage Buch" in a yoga related magazine and also a biker magazine.

I will call this The YinYangTour Germany 2018. I will use this as a pilgrimage for me to combine - or at least try to - yoga and riding a motorbike. This is partly to show people that prejudices are no good and partly because I want to see if I can take the slow meditative condition from yoga and use it while riding - and if it's possible to use the power in the yoga practice.

- but mostly because I want to stop me in my own limitations! I want to see, acknowledge and understand that I AM IT ALL!! What an adventure it'll be!!

NB: if you know of anybody who would host a sesssion,- check my web page for an explanation - or please contact me for further informations!

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