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Deeper work

Why does oils work in aromatherapy and how come the effect seems to be lingering on when you use oils as a part of my therapy and the yoga sessions?

"There has to be resonance!" A phrase I have been using more and more during the last couple of years, and when asked about it I tried to explain it but always feeling as if I hadn't pinned the point totally down - and only very recent I have realised WHAT I meant by saying it. Suddenly I just KNEW what I meant, what I have been saying; and in my head it was a giant AHA!-moment.

Resonance is for me a feeling. It can be between two people where you feel safe and understood with few words - it can feel like you have an entire conversation going without words, you don't need a lot of explaining you just KNOW what the other person feels, thinks or knows. My attitude is that your minds are resonating; your body and feelings understand what is happening. When you spend time with such people time seems to be of no essence! It can feel like time expands and gives the two of you more time to spend time and learn from each other.

This resonance can also appear in your practical chores, your running or your work (if you're lucky) and the repetitive motions you make can give you a feeling of being in a bubble of stillness, of a flow where everything just comes to you easily. When you as an individual are so connected to the present and what you DO, that everything else is just detail.

I use this resonance in my own yoga practice. I try to empty my mind, concentrating on breath and movement and the synchronisation of the two because what I have learned is that when I do that my brain cannot think of everything else; when I share my intention between these two poles my focus is somewhere in between and my thoughts have no room and there by I seem to find the calmness I need to meditate. My breath becomes slower, my movement gets slower, and I realise that I can create a space just before in-breath and before out-breath, and this space expands. I do firmly believe that when my brain is preoccupied with these two poles it focuses on the space that is created inside of me. And furthermore I have learned that when I use essential oils in my practice I make it occur faster and I can keep the intent for longer.

The oils goes into your vibrational body. I use it rubbed into my palms, on my wrists and my cleavage, or if I brush my hair back after applying it stays for a longer period of time and I feel as if I can take the calmness from the yoga class with my further into the day or into bed after night class.

Now, the AHA-moment was when I was at a presentation on singing bowls, where the expert put water in a bowl before she started the vibrations with the drum mallet, I saw the pieces of the resonance puzzle fall gently into space!

Everything around us is vibration!! - and of course also people we met, music we hear, food we eat, oils we use (essential oils or Aura Soma)

When you meet people and you feel as if "you're not on the same page", it is possibly because you don't have the same vibration? When you hear a piece of music that gives you goose bumps? The food we eat is very processed so the vibration of the commodities is not so high - eat pure, be pure? When you use oils in your daily routines before baths or as a part of therapy your brain doesn't have to understand or explain, it goes directly into your body!!

I have clients with Parkinson's disease and it is very often very difficult to breathe, and if the breath goes it can be difficult to use breath therapy! I have learned to use Frankincense in these sessions; I put it on my own palms before I start and then I put a couple of drops on a napkin and leave it in the sleeve or in the shirt. The work I have done then seems to be more easy and to settle in their bodies more, maybe because especially the frankincense deepens the breath. Of course I have to check first if the client has an allergic or other reaction to the oil!

Frankincense means "high quality incense", and "franc" means pure or noble and this specific aroma has been used in the catholic churches for many years. It is great for you focusing on your breath and you often use it in meditation sessions to stay focused on breathing.

The yoga I do is meant to bring you into resonance with your self. I believe that the concentration and synchronisation of breath and movement can make that happen for and to you. And that is what I experience as "creation of space" and where magic happens!

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